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Saturday, October 15, 2011


woooooooooooooooooooooooooo-hooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!    lets part-tay!YAY on oct 22 im going to allyssa's halloween party and were watching a pg13 movie and bobbing for apples,and.....and......................please hold..................................................................oh!and were going to decorate pumpkins with candy and eat candy and we might even go trick or treating.the only problem is that two of my friends arent coming but that's cause allyssa doesnt know them well and i feel sad about that.well the two people are KYLIE FRAIZER,and MADDYGRACE,heack my blog aint a hit aye? i had to say their names k? even though i know you are not reading this and is not at this website this very moment so i said their names k? by the way you people reading this I THANK YOU AT THIS VERY MOMENT FOR BEING ON MY BLOG AND READING IT!(by the way i would thank you more if you commented below.right under.now.or later.please.)so any wayyyyyy the party  is goin to rock!im going to be a vampire with this dress thats all black and a really cool necklace that goes with it i also have cool vampire teeth that rock !!! i love halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

here comes garfield part 2

garfield part 1 here comes garfield

i like garfiel and im a big fan so heres part 1 to here comes garfield:)

a drama queen

Once i was on the computer then i became friends online with this girl and she was a selenagomez fan and i am one myself along with taylor swift.It was on omgpop and im not saying omgpop is bad i love that place theres just one problem,the girl is still there and comes and plays.hers what happened,we were friends and i mets some of her friends.i wanted to become friends with one of them but they turned it down and that is not why i hate the girl.Wait ill just tell you her "name" she calls it it's skittletzninja or something and shes really mean.One day i wanted to play a game of online pool with her and she started to explain like:Hey now im tired of you following me around and botherin me so go away and dont come back!,I NEVER flowed her.EVER!She's just plain rude and her little friend she said:Also my friend and I have been talking about you behind yiour back and she says that your really annoing and i do too!,I HATE HER and man that girl is making drama!so then i accually started following her then one day when she was playing a online game of pool with her friend i spectacated.then i said hi.plain old HI.she all like what DO YOU WANT??????!!!!!and i just stood there i got a little mad and i hope you understand but when her friend asked if i was still her i blew up.YEAH IM STILL HERE YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!?!?!?!!and the girls all like dont be such a drama queen~and well i said im not you are and why dont you ask yourself?huh?she said i dont care and accually i do have a problem with you being here.me:GOOD!her:go awayME:no!her:big baby big baby big baby big baby big babyskittlezninja:anoying anoying anoying anoying!me:shut up your big face!if im a big baby your a big mouth~them WHO CARES JUST GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!me why its my choice(now you see by now ive gotten mean too but is it really my fault i mean they're the ones that talked bhind my back.)any way im like so just shut up got that? then i left erased them as my friends every memory of them and hate their guts the end who's the drama queen?please comment or answer.

scary stories not true.PART 1

once i went to the mountains and then all of a sudden at the night i saw a shadowy figure came to me i couldnt see it but it was comming.then it grabbed me and gobbled me up.it was dark in there so i lit a match up then it burped mr ip i got all slimey then all of a sudden i was some where else somewhere im was not supposed to be at.I looked around and nothing looked the same.I was somewhere else.LOST.

that is the shadowy figure..........

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

amu shugo chara

this is a picture of amu actually they all are please no bad commentst
these are awesome

i know

i love em too


first garfield video by glorious girl

Heres a garfield video to all the garfield fans out there.:)ENJOY! please comment unless its a bad one.':-)